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October 2019
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Profeessional Behavior. Interview questions and post Interview Negotiations
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Yahoo had an appropriate article by Maria LaMagna
about the  consequences of lying in an interview when
asked how much you currently make.

This could happen in various interview formats…
screening, on-site, wrap-up with HR, or during
salary negotiations.   Preparation and research
are key.

In all cases tell the truth, as they may ask you to produce
a pay stub.  Alternatively it is fair to ask what is their
I feel it is appropriate to  state that salary is one
component of an overall compensation package.
While it is a gauge on your value to the company,
it is fair to point out that other factors may be equally
important to you…vacation, citizenship work papers,
insurances, location, travel requirements, etc.

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  1. site admin Says:

    From the article:
    “Before an interview, a prospective employee should look
    up an accurate salary range for the position on a site such
    as PayScale or Glassdoor, Bardaro said. Salemi also
    suggested reaching out to former coworkers, a mentor, or
    industry professionals at conferences, to get a sense of what
    salary one could expect to make in a future position.
    [ACS Salary Comparator;  realize it is not current.]

    It’s also important to evaluate the company, know how
    well it is performing financially and to understand the
    economy generally to accurately predict that salary range,
    Bardaro said.
    [ offers a nice up-to-date summary on valuations.]

    Then, it’s possible to say, “I’ve done my research, I
    understand the market for this position, and based on
    what I can bring to the role, I’m looking for compensation
    in the market range of X to Y,” Bardaro said.
    (This may not be possible for online job applications,
    which often don’t let applicants submit their information
    without including a current salary, Raghu said.)

     And if an applicant absolutely has to give current salary,
    Salemi suggested giving a number based on the entire
    employment package, including bonuses and any other
    benefits the employer pays for.”

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