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November 2021
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Mock Interviewing
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How many times have you heard someone
suggest to you that to improve your interviewing
skills do a ”mock” interview?

It is so strongly felt by the ACS that it is offered
at all national meetings, since as far back as
I have been consulting at them (and further). 
A workshop entitled mock interview demonstration
offers several interview experiences where
attendees and viewers can vicariously learn from
the experiences of another member.  The learning
comes from observing and reflecting on the
comments from experts in the audience.  Then,
applying the learning to yourself.

When we attended a MARM several years ago
at Rutgers, I met Janet Jones of the Placement
office.  She showed me a tool they had been using
that used computers to simulate the questions in
an interview.  She introduced me to two vendors
and gave me an opportunity to try it out. 

This emerging technology may be available to
you.  But I was recently struck that it has even
been used at the high school level.  Archbishop
Mitty of San Jose CA
offers it as a training
tool for its students to develop
necessary interviewing skills for internships.
That is amazing….

They have developed an online interviewing guide
that is worth looking at if you wish to pursue this
tool to help develop necessary skills.  It is becoming
quite common to have this available at many junior
colleges, colleges and university placement centers.

While I am not endorsing one vendor over others,
we have used Perfect Interview for a couple of
years in conjunction with the ACS and found that
it is helpful expecially in conjunction with working
with a consultant who can point out body language
and response suggestions.

In Chicago, we introduced it in one Mock Interview
Demonstration workshop and it was well received.

The developers also speak about companies
using tools like this to perform screening interviews
long distance without requiring the travel.  This may
evolve into one of the approaches of the future.


2 Responses to “Mock Interviewing”

  1. Lisa Balbes Says:
    Practicing interviewing by recording
    yourself answering questions is a great
    way for candidates to learn. Once you
    can observe exactly how you’re coming
    across to others, you can start to improve
    on that interaction.
  2. Lisa Balbes Says:
    A workshop demonstrating these skills will
    be offered at the ACS national meeting in
    Boston, at 10 am on August 20th in the
    career center.

    I encourage everyone interested in improving
    their interview skills to come by and check
    it out.

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