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October 2019
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After the Interview
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Posted by: site admin @ 11:41 am

Hi Dan

I am just back from my site-visit. The Ph. D. presentation and all the interviews went extremely well.

They are going to see 3 more candidates in next 2 weeks and will make a decision by the end of July.

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions.



2 Responses to “After the Interview”

  1. site admin Says:

    Hi P,

    I am so pleased you felt your visit to Dow went well.

    Can I ask you to consider writing thank you notes– a hard copy letter to the hiring supervisor and emails to the staff you met? Speak to them about the position they interviewed you for, the positive impression the interview day was for you, and thank them for giving you a chance to work with them for Dow.

    The thank you notes might be kept separate from the reimbursement form that you will send them for reasonable expenses for the trip. If you have any questions (about reimbursement procedures), please ask them, or if it is sensitive, me.

    Did you feel especially comfortable with anyone who interveiwed you. Make note of it. He or she could be part of your network to allow you to decide if you wish to work for Dow.

    Prepare for your next steps–
    –when you get the offer
    –if there is a delay
    –if you do not receive an offer.

    These are important steps, especially for you, at this time.
    Know what you should expect for salary and benefits? When would yo like to start? What things would you wish to negotiate? Do you have other offers or interviews coming up….don’t stop your interviewing process just because you had one interview with a prestigious firm.

    Plan your communication with your network based on Dow’s and your decisions.

    Did you learn specific things about interviewing or yourself during this trip? Write things out so that they become clearer and embeded in your thinking.

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with me.


    “It’s always helpful to learn from your mistakes because then your mistakes seem worthwhile.”

    -Miz Dot–

  2. site admin Says:
    Hi Dan
    I have already sent thank you e-mails to the hiring manager as well as everyone that I interviewed with.
    Also, I sent the thank you e-mails to 2 other persons who gave me a lab tour. More than half of the people have already responded to the e-mails.

    At the end of day, I had a wrap-up with HR (telephonic conversation). She explained me all the benefits and salary range. Typically they give about $80k to Ph. D graduates (comparable to GE, DuPont, 3M etc).

    I interviewed for a position in plastics characterization group. During my seminar, there was one more person who got interested in me and held a half hour meeting with me to discuss the opportunties in material science group. He said they might have an opening in next 2-3 months.

    I am going to make some important notes about my experience and observations during the interview. Overall, I felt very comfortable and enjoyed the whole process. I will also keep in touch with the people I met during the site-visit…Also, in case they don’t make me an offer, I will ask for their feedback on my performance.

    Thank you again for your suggestions.

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