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December 2021
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Negotiations. 3. The Negotiation Process, Being Likeable, Priorities and Leverage
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Negotiation is not something people feel comfortable
doing  for it can feel like moving from a certain offer
to a risk-laden proposal with an uncertain response.
Our minds are uncomfortable with uncertainty.  Thus,
some people are shy to negotiate and aim to please the
other party (undermining their own family needs).

It is helpful then to have a working definition that
clarifies that negotiation is a process of “motivating”
another person to do something that (s)he at the moment
is not inclined to do.
The power you have to motivate is “leverage” to
excel and complete the tasks and projects assigned
to you.  Thus, your approach is not “me-centric”
(ie.  I want, I need….)

You can establish leverage by being likeable so that
both you and the other party feel comfortable in
sharing and more importantly listening to each other,
and clarifying interests and needs.  We then agree to
understand the interests and meet and exceed
the needs which yields leverage in a negotiation.

Many successful negotiations are not “one-person
shows,” but result from team efforts, resources and
inputs to define priority needs to seek in the
principled negotiation.

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2 Responses to “Negotiations. 3. The Negotiation Process, Being Likeable, Priorities and Leverage”

  1. site admin Says:

    Negotiation Process Flow Chart:
      -ask for and receive offer in writing
      -preparation: important priorities,
                            form team,
                            perform due diligence and research,
                            build longer term relationships
      -develop and practice your strategy
      -use BATNA
      -Execute and adapt to situations
      -know what you will do when major items are established
      -ask for agreement in writing
  2. site admin Says:

    Negotiation Checklist
    - offer in writing
    - job description in writing
    - define each party’s interests
    - team establish priorities and alternatives
    - team BATNA for each party
    - team data to support and legitimize solutions
    - process, timeline, communications, meetings
    - analyze and enhance relationships
    - resolve disputes, formalize agreements, develop future plans

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