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June 2020
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Branding and Career Management
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Most scientists and engineers are trained and the belief is
passed on to avoid snappy sound bites.  Most readers are
familiar with the “big bang theory”, not the sitcom, the
theory about the formation of the universe.  In fact, most people
in the western world would be tuned into this phrase and its
meaning.  Interestingly, though, it was first mentioned by
someone, Fred Hoyle, on BBC as a “poppycock idea”, for
he was a strong proponent of the competitor “steady state”
theory.  “Big bang” is a brand.

In our Career Management seminar Friday, Marisha Godek
spoke lucidly about how, in her company and industry, she
realizes the importance of developing a rapport with colleagues
and customers whose training and expertise are much different
than hers.  She also observed that being able to be a person
called on when there is a problem to solve or be invited to the
table when decisions are made calls on developing your personal
  It is sort of your colloquial “reputation”.

We see “branding” of science all over the place.  Scientific
publication is fabulously being rebranded in various contexts
by free access to publicly funded research results, to online
communities that discuss results and interpretations and implications,
and about evolving publication models.  In the last, note that
ACS now offers access to 25 articles without subscription, as
a temptation to inspire more journal subscriptions.
Stanford’s library did an excellent review of publication branding.

What Marisha was relating to is the importance, in corporate
and some institutional environments, of branding yourself.  This
is not a subject area that most scientists and engineers are familiar.
In her case, she seeks out mentors in her business realm, senior
director levels and multidisciplinary leadership backgrounds.

Quintessential Careers, Katherine Hansen, has a strong
commentary on how to brand resumes and profiles

Skills  +  Personality  +  Market need  =  Branding statement

and provides a list of brand representations for various industrial and
organization job seekers, for example

Able to deliver industrial engineering insights, gained through strong
record of accomplishments to your firm in manufacturing engineering.

Eager to strengthen the mission of patient focused pharmaceutical

Eager to contribute recent degree in Environmental Science and
strong applicable, hands-on testing and evaluation field experience

PRINCIPAL RESEARCH SCIENTIST, with a proven track record
in developing and bringing to market surgically relevant innovations.

4 Responses to “Branding and Career Management”

  1. site admin Says:

    LinkedIn might be an appropriate “branding medium” for technical
    Two resources are:
      Joel Elad, Linkedin for Dummies, 3rd Edition, 2014
      Susan Chritton, Personal Branding for Dummies

    The latter opens up a concept called the “brand ecosystem” which
    includes your image, how you appear to others in various formats,
    your career path and your network.
    Chritton nicely offers chapters to build your brand defining what
    matters, targets you wish your brand to reach, your competition
    and the crafting of brands (which are dynamic, not static).

    Elad’s book seems to be for a different audience and gives more
    ‘nuts and bolts’ ideas.
  2. site admin Says:

    Career Thought Leaders blog had a nice entry on
    Career Branding for those who wish more reading.
  3. site admin Says:

    Projected from this blog post >50% of professionals
    will be contractors or consultants in 5 1/2years:

  4. site admin Says:

    Also from the same blog site is a link to “sources of

    It is interesting to see the continuing importance of
    referrals to landing jobs.

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