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May 2014
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Watch-outs. 56. Severance negotiation, Linkedin, Lost cell phones, School Career offices
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As we know today career management is less about
tactics and cleverness for short term gains and more
defining your values and pursuing longer term meaning
while understanding you will evolve (and shift/change).

Job searching is an activity in career management
that with the Internet has evolved into a marketing
activity with its proverbial “push and pull” mechanisms.
A place of importance is Linkedin and we provide
an appropriate link to two articles about profiles there.

Another trend in job searching from colleges is
moving career services to their alumni centers.

Recovering your cell phone when lost (or stolen) is
pointed out.  While many know about it, perhaps it
is time to do something about it…
Just like your linkedin profile and figuring out what
you want to do.

SOURCE:  A. Sklover, “Lower job, severance or
Unemployment Comp
.” Sklover Working Wisdom
Whether we like it or not, downsizing and its
consequences are a fact of life for most.  Al Sklover
offers compelling thoughts and tools for dealing
with wrenching issues in his blog column.  His
discussion and tools offer value.

SOURCE:  L. Garver, Career Hub Blog, Part 2
We highlighted Louise’s first part and feel part
2 might be compelling reading for some.
She offers:
-finding articles that others may benefit from and
sharing it in Linkedin without expecting anything
in return is valued. 
-Sending alerts about meetings and talks that you
attend is useful. 
-Use alumni tools, from your education, previous
employment and volunteer work to explore valued
-Explore connections who might shed light on
what it is really like at a firm or industry or in a
specific position.
-Be up-to-date and consistent.

SOURCE:  M. Korn, WSJ 5-28-14, P. D3
Job Search meets fundraising.
A twist that might mean allowing students to
imagine what it is like in a new position can
happen when career services moves into the
alumni fundraising office.  Some call it
Student advancement and suggest that is
reveals how the school intends to be accountable
for what is happening after graduation.

SOURCE:  G A Fowler, WSJ 5-29-14, D1
“ catch a thief…
Handy apps can be used to re-capture lost
cellular tools.  The article points out other
things that can be done and mentions cautions
in pursuing your lost device.

BONUS: W. McRaven, WSJ  Commencement

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Watch-outs. 55. Retirement Calculators, Patent troll Actions, thoughts on Better Decision-making
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Despite our daily pressures, realize it or not we are
working for our family’s benefit and our later years.
One finding reviews tools to forecast and predict
what retirement might be for each of us.

Another finding talks about how states are dealing with
recent patent law changes and the evolution of patent

For those in important decision making positions
and who aspire to them, we report on factors that
affect decision making.

A bonus reference about manners is added at the end.

SOURCE:  L. Moyer, WSJ 5-24-14, B7-B9, “Calculating
your retirement.”

There are so many variables for calculating estimates
of whether you are on track and when you should
retire.  Add to that the uncertainty of all the assumptions
that should be considered.  Moyer reports on at least
8 on-line calculators and offers suggestions on SS
income, current and predicted savings and expenses,
life expectancy, inflation and rates of return.
At some point all of us will be doing this.  This is
a worthwhile reference point.

SOURCE:  R. Simon and A. Loten, WSJ 5-22-14, B6.
States revise laws to curb patent trolls
Recognizing the US Senate is not dealing effectively
with legal maneuvers of entities affecting use of
ATMs, email tools on fax machines and many others,
states are addressing perceived abuses of demand
letters from companies whose core is licensing and
litigating patents.

SOURCE:  A. Blackman, WSJ and
4-28-14, R1,R2  “Executive Brain“  2 
Deadlines and pressure limit thinking processes.
Finding resources to promote focus and relaxation
release our brain’s emotional centers to make better
decisions, the author writes.  Uncertainty exaggerates
and restricts thinking.activity.
An adjacent article offers lightening the workload
is a worthwhile behavioral adjustment. [A Dizik]

BONUS:  Mary Mitchell, “Modern Manners
Contains thoughtful reminders and thinking behind the
action to help us behave and act professionally.

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Watch-outs. 54. Merged airline Flight prices, External-success vs. internal-value, Near wins
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We have a changing world, mostly out of our control.
Recently we can find airline prices for one part of a
merged airline be different than that offered from a
second part, although they are the same seat on the
same flight.
David Brooks spoke about a dialog individuals might
be having with themselves later in life, mostly, that
shines a light on perspectives of life.
Finally Sarah Lewis speaks about success in a different
vein where striving for personal mastery and why we might
do a blog like this.

SOURCE:  S. McCartney, WSJ 5-15-14, Airline Riddles:
the story behind price gaps on flights shared by American
and US Airways,…

While most of us know that airline seat prices for flights
can change from one moment to another based on
market and availability, this article addresses another
interesting phenomenon about the same seat being
sold at different prices by different parts of a merged
airline.  One suggestion in the comments is to use Expedia
to explore reservations.

Interesting reading for cost conscious travelers.

SOURCE:  D. Brooks, TED Talk:  Should you live by your
resume or your eulogy;
Modern society features a view, Brooks opines, that favors
cleverness and being a cold calculating person for advantage.
When a different view might be taken to earn the life well
lived.  You go into yourself examining your weaknesses and
wrestle with what you wish to be.

Brooks often writes thoughtfully about thoughts, actions
and consequences.

SOURCE:  S. Lewis, TED “Embrace the near win
Carefully articulate story telling about archers gaining
mastery over an art over time with patience, diligence and
grit.  It is different than the accomplishment of the moment,
called success.

Lewis hits the nail on the head for what professionals seek.


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Resume Format and Content Suggestions
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Kudos to Jean Cummings on a nice post updating her
resume suggestions.

Resumes are confusing sometimes in the sense that some
reviewers wish one page only and others look for a detailed
chronological flow.  Some writers find it hard to figure out
what not to include if we have been doing work in several
areas or several projects.

As Jean and others have pointed out, many Internet submissions
use Applicant Tracking Systems ATS to match to keywords
and also explore your online presence.  The keywords will be
examined  as they are in an accomplishment context.  (i.e., not
“just listing” keywords, as might have been done earlier.)

- Please consider refraining from using Word tables, graphs, headers
footers, etc. as they don’t always translate in an upload.
- Jean and others suggest saving as .doc and .txt and uploading the
latter to save format arrangement for easy reading.  (If the instructions
specify .pdf or .doc it is wise to use the specified format.)
-  Jean suggests using ’simple form bullets’ rather than stylized ones.
-  ATS scanners recognize standard headings and not novel ones

Jean recommends not using full formal address unless restricted
to a geographical area.  We agree on listing Internet profile addresses
where appropriate.
-  Jean points out using a job description  in the experience section
where keywords can be inserted.  It might be that accomplishments
can provide the point of inclusion in technical resumes, detailing
the technical skill provided in the Highlights or Qualifications section.
Abbreviations or acronyms seem to be part of technical resumes.
The first time one is used the full text name should be given along
with the shortened version.

-  Consider including separate documents for depth of :
       papers, patents and presentations
       research summary
       management summary and
       other items Don Straits lists in his resume suggestions.
   keeps the “resume” shorter and readable and allows us to
expand on related items.  Keep the summary brief.

Of course Internet profiles will do a similar task in providing
breadth and currency of activities.

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