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April 2013
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Leadership. Liz Wiseman MULTIPLIERS
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So many times in our careers we are part of organizations
and observe their leaders.  Some are good organizations
that meet their goals. 
Far more often than we like, as knowledge workers,
we feel stifled.  We feel limited to doing just busy work
or following a specific script or approach when other
ways may achieve the desired objective.  Or, that approach
does not work, as it has been tried before.  [Expecting
to get a different result by doing exactly the same thing
over and over??]

LEADERSHIP in 21st CENTURY is different than
in the 20th century, as the forward in a book, I just
read, describes.  Covey writes that today’s leaders need
to enable knowledge workers to make orders of magnitude
improvements and productivity and idea enhancements.

We have seen it in so many ways in just 13 years.

Liz Wiseman’s book Multipliers is highly recommended
reading.  She outlines what we should be looking for in
organizations we join
and what we should design our
organizations to behave like to make everyone smarter

Over two decades she has explored  in hundreds of
organizations their practices and resulting outcomes and
outlines two prototypes– diminsher types and multiplier
for five challenge situations

 Challenge                 Diminisher                   Multiplier

Manage talent           Use people                   Develop people

Deal with mistakes   Blame                           Explore, learn from

Set direction              Tell, Follow me           Challenge, Engage

Make decisions         Decide unilaterally      Consult, advise, Steward

Get things done         Control                          Consult, collaborate

Throughout the book, specific real time examples are described
and outcomes provided.  This is a clearly written framework
that will provide insight for a wide ranging audience.  In fact, I
am trying to devise a tutorial to incorporate the following outline
of organizations— stay away from diminisher organizations

Diminisher                          Multiplier

Hoards resources                attracts resources, asks for highest
                                              contribution and offers others new
(Gatekeeper)                        ways to contribute

Tense; suppresses thinking  tense, urges collaboration and
                                               expands thinking
Showcases own expertise    Extends challenges, causes people
                                               to reach higher
Abrupt decisions w/o           joint decisions; compromise, through
 counsel of stakeholders      rigorous debate, allows challenges

Personal involvement in      instills accountability;  shares ownership
  in all aspects                       invests in others success


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