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November 2012
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Interview Introductions. Panel Interview
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There are several variations of configuring a panel interview.
This is what came to mind when a promising candidate asked
for advice on how to introduce herself at a panel interview.

Several initial thoughts before thinking through the
1.  Smile, show both that you enjoy being there and that you
are confident that you will like them and they will like you.
2.  Check your appearance
It is felt that many people’s initial impressions dominate.
So, plan to ask to visit the rest room before you speak and
check yourself out in the mirror.  Think about using the
Amy Cuddy raise your arms in victory pose. 
3.  Follow the lead of your host in either meeting the attendees,
being seated or speaking or listening.  If you are offered a
hand to shake, the restroom visit will help making your
hand suitable for a firm business handshake demonstrating
confidence.  Run warm water over them and dry.
4.  Standing and Volume
When you feel you have been given the floor or been asked
to begin or respond, consider the appropriateness of standing
and speaking.
  Establish eye to eye contact, offer a warm
genuine greeting and start by speaking a little louder than
your speaking voice for the room and then settle into your
speaking voice volume.
5.  Consider saying your name again, especially if it is not
a usual name, and offer an interesting piece of personal/
professional information that ties into the company, the
position, or the people present.

Most people will know your name, have your resume
and have some questions to ask.

There is a benefit if you know the number of attendees,
the general seating arrangement and if sound and visual
equipment will be used and if there is writing boards
and pens/chalk

Some business panel interviews involve a horseshoe arrangement
 and some a long table.  Many academic research proposal
discussions and teaching presentations have people in random
arrangements.  Larger forums will use visual and sound aids.
So it is good to size them up in advance.  One advantage is to ask to
see the room or have it be described.
Test the sound system and make sure your presentation file is
cued and you have introductions to wireless controls
and laser pointers.

If there are different audience segments, consider asking your host
if people can briefly introduce themselves and their affiliations.

Finally, consider asking for water to allow yourself a
refreshing moment from dry mouth or if you wish to
get time to think about a question.

It might be worth jotting down things that are important
for you to successfully panel interview and practicing
your introduction

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