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July 2012
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07/26/12 Emerging Tool for Scientific Research
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Don’t miss the broadcast –” and the Evolution
of Peer Review” interview of Richard Price. is an emerging tool that will become
significant first in industries that can pay for specific
services.  I bet that if ACS does not move into this area,
it could be overtaken.

Very compelling “open source” direction with an
evolution of crowd and social reviews discussed.
It is trying to find more open ways of moving science
forward using:
  - instant distribution of results and conclusions
  - use of easier-to-share “rich media
  - needs to develop a ‘credit for on line publication;’ right
now there is limited or no incentives for authors.

Richard Rice founded as a platform for
academics around the world to connect and share
research results.
Site has over a million monthly visitors and a thousand
academics enlist daily.

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Deferred, Not Rejected
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Can’t tell you how much I appreciated the
Maria Brophy Blog on eliminating “rejection”
from our vocabulary.

Every “no” is temporary.  Better timing will
make it a “yes”.  Tame your mind to look for
significant satisfiers that fulfill your purpose.

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Make a Difference. Reviews and Screens. Paper world and Digital world
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Our daughter and I spoke today about
a performance review conversation she
had with her supervisor.  She works an
off-shift in a life-critical role, and was
faced with hearing a performance issue
brought up for the second time within a
short period.

It bothered her.  It usually bothers most people.
What can she do?

We talked through documenting a letter to Files
(her personnel file) stating specifically with dates
and circumstances, (required) meeting
announcement proposed, her immediate actions
(not able to attend, out of town, reschedule
attempt, dates)  follow-up actions and outcomes
(she attended the subsequent meeting).
This was reviewed on two performance review

There could be extenuating circumstances for
having two performance meetings.  But it felt
better to clarify the circumstances.
These are high stress times for all employees.
It is important to note that crucial conversations
like these happen and should be dealt with

Crucial conversations are needed for
  - opposing opinions
  - strong emotions
  - high stakes.
[All three felt touched on in this circumstance.]

They need to be dealt with using dignity, humanity
and generosity revealing honesty and integrity.
This approach can work with the older paper
based system.   What is done with our evolving
on line, highly networked system?  It is a
challenge that we are still developing win-win

In the online, networked world, information is
available 24/7.  So often where we are present
in the online world is also searched and used for
screening, where your profile, the quality of
your contributions and your style and goals
are examined.

Your digital footprint reveals so much more–
your communication, your contribution, your
savvy, your credibility, your accessibility.

  - Tout your benefits and outcomes
  - Give a few highlights, accomplishments and

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