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May 2012
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Job Loss or Searching for that First Position
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Framing.  It is not easy to figure out what
to do when the decision is all in our laps
about what we want to do with the skills
we have, the ambitions we aspire and the
experiences that have formed our memories.

In early days, decisions were made for us
on our behalf.  Then, at a certain point each
of us have to dig deeply to figure out our
core beliefs and and personal values to
make decisions.

When our lives are upset by job loss, we
face a different reality.  For some, identity
is lost.  For others, self confidence is
diminished.  For a few, either they are relieved
or they feel fortunate that they did not have
to make the decision.

In job search mode, frustration can set in
as time moves forward and it seems that
options are few and doors close quickly.

Four encouragements for each of us
1.  stay with your job search and either
maintain your focus or develop a prioritized
2.  shrug off negative comments or feelings,
yet learn from the truth.  Apply the new
or refreshed learning.
3.  touch people’s lives with care, love,
and respect.  Ask for forgiveness.
4.  network with consequential strangers.
Develop a communication model that
increases your data and information in-
flow and presents your contacts and
mentors with transparency and updates.

What helps is a personal assessment of
not only your personal values, but also your
beliefs.  Listening to Detlof von Winterfeldt who
describes a model of good decision-making
      beliefs  x  values  = decisions
Beliefs are molded into us throughout
our life and re-molded through positive
reinforcement.  Beliefs result from our
actions or decisions, when we judge a
certain situation.

Values are revealed when you feel life
is good and you are satisfied and content.
That means that your values will change
throughout your life.  [When I was young,
having a nice car, home, adventure and
resources seemed valuable.  In middle
age, having good health, a satisfying
family life with a caring, loving spouse
and enough resources not to want are
meaningful.]  So it is important to keep
in touch with your personal values.

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