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November 2011
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Job Offer. Negotiating for your family’s needs
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The process for getting a job does not end with
the on-site interview.  The interview continuum
that we have talked about is important.  What
happens and how a candidate approaches the
negotiations that follow are critical, too.

Over a series of phone calls recently, a member
has learned about an open position (from her
network), interviewed successfully (including
a well received technical presentation), and
recently a phone call offering a position and
starting salary.

What can happen next?
A.  In our conversation we reviewed several items
including determining an appropriate salary
[ACS Salary Comparator and other useful sites],
doing homework on the company via your network,
and determining what are the key things you wish
for your family (living arrangements, benefits,
special situations, starting date among the leading
items).  [See a factor outline.]

B.  Legal issues may also play a role.  [Sklover offers
a terrific perspective on a number of factors and
is worth viewing, including letter of resignation.]
Make it official.  Ask for a formal offer letter
and detailed information about the benefits package.
We talked about defining when she could leave
her current firm. 

C.  After receiving the offer letter, the “ball is in
her court” and a fairly rapid response is in order
Knowing what your family needs in the new position
and location is critical– insurances, relocation,
job help for spouse, trip for finding a residence,
and even vacations or time off.

D.  Identify key items that the new firm desires
starting date, application of key know-how and
other critical items to be a successful enterprise.

E.  Have a chance to practice the negotiating
conversation.  You want to make every interaction
with both your current position supervisor and
prospective, offering company enthusiastic and
positive.  Know what positive things you wish
to communicate about both.


The Negotiation Continuum is a matching
framework for after you receive an offer to the
interviewing continuum.  It starts with factors and
data for each position/company and comes down
to how you prioritize the factors.  Consider gathering
information for this process before you interview.

Have a priority order of topics in mind when you
speak with the prospective company.  We practiced
a presentation order based on what was determined
highest priority.  We determined negotiation
give-ups and what makes the most sense– know
what is the key need that the company desires and
meet and exceed it.