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March 2011
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Laid off. Now what?
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Someone close just called and spoke about a friend
being called into the conference room and informed
of a lay-off because of poor business prospects.

It had been a surprise.

One of the first Internet sites I suggest is Al Sklover
who provides so much useful help and wisdom.
Help, you pay for, wisdom is in knowing what to
ask for…

The person is competent, energetic, creative and
has accomplished much.  The whole division was
given the message.  Things to do:

1.  Determine what things would the person like to
do next, have several
   return to school for education or specific
  move to a different location
  start own enterprise
  be employed at another firm, different field
  be employed at another firm, same field
  and other things…

2. Reset your Internet profiles to reflect leading

3.  Create targeted resumes for leading three.
Have them reviewed by a career consultant.  This
takes some time, don’t expect it to be a week or

4.  Ask mentors, bosses, and colleagues if they
would be willing good references and if they
have suggestions.  Contact information, leads
for positions, their networks…

5.  What is the last day of employment?  Aim for it
being beyond the first day of the next month, or
next quarter  Leave at the beginning of a month, your
insurance covers till the end of the month.  See what
options are available for vacation, severance pay,
insurance coverage and other benefits.  Are there
meetings and near term plans scheduled?  Should
you attend?
Cellphone, email accounts — independent of the
company’s;  Just before you leave, and before the
plug is pulled, send out emails and calls to people
informing them of how they may contact you.

6.  Go around and help others through the challenging
time.  Network, share information, and be there
when needed.

7.  Take time to write down your accomplishments,
your contacts, your new career skills.

8.  Ask permission to interview while working, send
emails to contacts while finishing projects
satisfactorily.  It is not always granted.

9.  Have a departure plan, taking all things into

10.  Write a farewell note to all leaving and staying.
Reflect on the accomplishments, goals, friendships,
and worth of everyone’s efforts.

11.  Exercise, stay in shape, meditate.  Physical,
spiritual and mental health maintenance.

12.  Develop a daily routine and fill it with useful
things, appointments.

13.  If you are on meds, see if you can order a
supply in advance.
      If you need medical or dental attention, plan
visits while coverage lasts.

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