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October 2010
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Internet Presence: Things to avoid revealing
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It might seem to be obvious, however a
recent article about what not to broadcast
on the Internet are: 

- anything related to typical questions listed
to provide ID and PW on sites

- certain travel plans when your home will
be left empty

- personal information that can open the
door to identity theft

- embarrassing photos, stories, or
letters using unprofessional language.

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Negotiating and Deciding. One offer in, waiting on second
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GM and I spoke as her deadline on one offer was
approaching.  She had interviewed at an even more
desirable firm (broader long term opportunities,
higher starting salary and better benefits) but had
not heard back.

She was asked if she could start soon and to
travel to the new location for a physical and
certain standard tests. 

What should (s)he do?

With a firm offer in hand, we do not want to
jeopardize anything.  There is a chance if delayed
the offer might not be there in a week. 

As we chatted, we talked about agreeing to do
two additional things, one with the current
offer company, A, and one with the potential
company, B.  (1) Agree to the visit with the A.
See if it is possible to arrange a househunting
trip for where you might live.  Since firm B
is nearby, you could explore common commuting
(2) Contact your main contact at B.  Let
the firm know that you are very interested in
working for the company.  Ask if a decision on
employment for you will be made shortly.  Tell
them you have a competing offer in hand and
they wish to have you respond, giving a due

Well, she did these two things.  Company B
was not forthcoming.  So, she happily accepted
company A’s offer.

“Hi Dan,

I accepted the position at Company A, I
still have not heard anything from Company
I’m fine with that, I’m really excited to
been offered a job with such good
doing something that sounds
I get the feeling that it might
get boring
after awhile, but right now I’m
happy with
how things are working out. 

I cannot begin to thank you for all your

help, I really can’t…

GM and I then talked about the her starting
our strongly at A offering suggestions
listed as daily reminders in the yellow
column of the blog.  GM was also reminded
that: “you will have several jobs with several
employers throughout your career.  Now is
the time to develop great habits–  develop
mentors, help others, network, engage in
professional development activities, and
join helpful societies that will support your

GM asked if there were good societies to
join and participate in.  In addition to the
ACS (which is bridging the gap from grad
students to professionals with a grad
student/post-doc offering) employers sometimes
encourage involvement.  Consider taking them
up on those suggestions.  Nonetheless, be
proactive in seeking out ACS divisions that
will help you continue to grow and smaller
societies that you find provide forums for
you to continue to develop (’boutique’
societies, race/gender groups and

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