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August 2010
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Boston Meeting. Career fair and internet presence
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We are a month closer from the previous Boston meeting
blog and a week away from the meeting . 

Are you planning to use the venue to explore career
options– did you enroll as a job seeker at the Career

You can do this before or at the meeting? 
Are you unemployed?  Career fair is no cost to
members?  Membership dues can be waived, if you
are unemployed.

In the last few entries, this blog pointed out
  suggestions for resumes and CVs
  ideas for meeting people, conversations and body

   importance of having a professional internet presence

Have you read Freakonomics?  In chapter 2, Leavitt
and Dubner speak about the information asymmetry
that exists in many situations and how the Internet
reduces the information imbalance The employer-job
seeker duo is another example.

How should we help ourselves for the career fair?

1.  Ask the ACS to publish the companies and the days the
companies are planning to have representatives present.
Don’t wait, leave things to chance and behave like “finder’s
keepers”.  Be proactive.  The ACS should publish who
will be there.

2.  Do detailed research on each company with whom you
would like to work?  Use your network to learn
  what it is like working there,
  where their locations are?
  how business is going,
  what the latest news is,
  what the latest and most profitable products are,
  who is in management..

3.  Have samples of your work, copies of your resume,
interview outfit, professional attache ready and
set to go.

4.  Post your resume on the ACS job seekers’ web

5.  Update your profile and have
documents ready in the cloud to share

6.  If you seek an academic position in the future,
plan to attend the academic employment initiative
Monday afternoon and evening. 
  See what current job seekers are offering in their
posters and watch how they perform in their interviews.
  Take notes.  Collaborate with them– help them
and ask them to help you.

7.  Develop longer term relationships with people
at the meeting beyond the career fair and the
aei.  Attend and interact with company reps
in the exhibition.  Bring and share business cards.
Have your internet addresses on your business

8.  If you are presenting a paper or poster, consider
it an opportunity to show off your skills as in an
interview.  Treat them like part of an interview
revealing your expertise, your personality, your
insight and communication skills.

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