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April 2010
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How not to use blogs in a job search or employment
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This entry continues the theme started a couple
of days ago Shouting Out about the importance
of NESACS Webmaster, David Cunningham, in
working and developing this blog.

Eric Felten described in his WSJ piece
about how blogs when used in certain
ways can lead to negative “unintended
consequences.”  Eric called blog articles
about a certain high profile conductor Internet
“blabbing” which led to savage reviews
from a prominent columnist.

The article is just an example supporting
how blogs can support your expertise and,
in a sense, expand your resume. 

The final anecdote in the Felten article
describes about how a famed pianist
made the “show go on” despite a stroke.
Not one person even mentioned it. 

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Careers AFTB. Interviewing Questions for Sales
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A protege reported to me about a series of
interviews she enjoyed in which she explored
a career in sales.

Sales is a fast paced area where relationships,
business acumen and technical breadth are
critical.  Where academic roles seem to evolve
more slowly, with a lot of longer term logistical
planning, business moves fast.  An information
interview on Friday can lead to a screening
interview on the following Tuesday.  An onsite
interview with HR and the hiring manager could
come less than a week later.  And many more
getting-to-know-you meetings over meals and
related to traveling to sites coming quickly after.

She shared some of the questions she faced and
asked.  Highlights of them (besides questions
that occur in most interviews about goals and
why should we hire you) are:

Screening: (phone)
-Why do I want to go from research and into
-What about my research background will help
me in sales?
-Have I used their products?
-How would I go about getting a sale?
-What do I like/dislike about a salesperson?

In person:
-Take me through your resume…
-Tell me about a time when you went above and
beyond your responsibilities?  What happened?
-When is your confidence high?  Low?
-When was I competitive?  What happened?
-Describe a situation when I was persistent?
What happened?

Questions asked of interviewers:
-What is a typical day like?
-Why do you like working for COMPANY NAME?
-What is the retention rate? 
-What is it that I can do to help you succeed (Hiring

An “aha moment” if there ever was one!

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