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July 2009
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Job Search Strategies. Mature chemists’ advantages
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D. Mattioli wrote a WSJ piece, “Only the
Employed need apply.”   When the
economy has high
unemployment, it is
a “buyer’s market” for
employers.  This
leads staffers to seek
technically skilled
people who are
currently working in
comparable positions or for
companies.  [See the end of
the Mattioli
article for things one can do

if you are not still working.]

Now, as a mature chemist, who may
have to extend her or his working years
because our 401K has become a 201K,
wouldn’t this be a positive position
to move forward from?  Not quite.  There
is a betraying bias against older workers
despite their experience, despite their
reliability, despite their dedication and

The reality is that the result of hiring or

continuing to employ workers into their
mature years depends in large part on
two things– the strength of the economy
(economic recovery) and a recognition
of circumstances that favor, in fact, prefer
experienced workers.

In the first case, all we can do is hope
and pray.  But for the second, there is
a lot of evaluation, networking and
positive action that can be taken.

We could ask the ACS (members who
are leaders of companies and industrial
affiliates) :  where are the
concentrations of firms that face
shortages of specific skilled people?

Raise the attention of leaders of companies
who made business success possible for
for them in the first place.  Innovation
can be conceptional or experiential (D.
Galeson).  Mature workers excel at
experiential innovation.

Drive home the need to take a closer
look at the enhanced engagement and
lower turn-over more common with mature
workers.  The trend of younger workers
is shorter attention spans and the need
to move on if desires are not met.

An under-recognized place of employment
for mature workers is in government
service.  With age-discrimination rules
in place, and success stories 1  like
the EPA employing Senior Environmental
Employment and retired military being
hired as teachers.

Above all, get a picture of the ultimate
realities 2 and research the companies
that are the “fast adapters.”
Look at mature workers advantages
.ppt on the web SPCC Services.
[”Mature job seeker,
presentations/mature job seeker”]

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