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February 2009
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Careers in Chemistry. Future trends. 14. Open science on the web
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We met at a conference last summer
in Philadelphia and I was struck about
the innovative, “stepping out of the box”
ideas, Jean-Claude Bradley spoke

While it is in its developing stages,
Jean-Claude has produced some
interesting results of how to use the
web to teach and compete in academic
chemical sciences.  See his interview
and google him for long-tail aspects….

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Watch-outs 6. Bill creep, withdrawl strategy
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There are some trends we all are surprised
by.  Do we have to just “grin and bear it?”

Constant increase in service costs
“Bill Creep” and  unemployed/retirees dealing
with the market down-turn on our portfolios
have been cited recently.

The WSJ Family Money column noted how many
modern conveniences’ costs have appreciated
as highly marketed features are added.
From conveniences (cellphone, cable,
blackberries, netflix) to space to store
all the items you no longer use, being
replaced by the conveniences.  K.
recommends (1) developing
a household must list and (2) contacting
vendors and their competitors to
negotiate competitive costs.

Falling Portfolio Values
T. Rowe Price (p. 16) suggested a
viable strategy in withdrawing assets for
dealing with the
market downturn. 
In the TRPrice Report winter
2009 issue,
security can be gained back by
holding “nest egg” withdrawls constant
for five years.

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Job Search Strategies. Planning
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Planning 1
A 2008 survey* of job searchers about the worst
aspect of the challenge reveals

45% Not receiving a response
35% Excessive time from submission to offer

Thinking about this encourages professionals to
develop a strategy for pursing your careers.
Learn from those who have been involved in
fields you are interested in.  Learn from those
who have left and who are just beginning.

This also points out that your job search needs
to begin earlier.  If you are in school, 18 months
before needed is not too early to begin exploring.

If you are in a position, don’t wait until you
are ushered out the door to network,
draft your resume and expose your skills
and talents to wider audiences by giving
papers and getting involved.  Have this on
your “action item list” for this week.

*Source:  Hyrian Corp. 2Q.2008

Planning 2.
Read a striking interview of Dick Gaither 1 
a rather colorful fellow written about in
on whether one should negotiate
benefits and perks. 

He points out that most employers want to
motivate a new employee to join the
team to satisfy customers and produce
profits.  They want to keep them once
on board.

Salary and benefits are worth asking about.
Sometimes the first offer is final.  Then,
he suggests to develop job related tools
that you would spend money on and
other items that would make you more
valuable (education).

Negotiation requires
- knowing the salary and benefits of
competitive positions with your skills
and experience in your location
- perceptive understanding of the
problems you can solve and benefits
you bring to the company
- practiced, commercial-like stories
of your accomplishments that
demonstrate your marketable skills
- references willing to endorse and
comment on your immediate value.

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