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January 2009
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Mid-career. Patent Bar Review
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In the Patent and trade secrets workshops, offered
at national meetings and PfLAGS programs it is
common to mention that there are specific courses
offered to prepare for the patent bar.  A flyer came
across my desk which seems to offer training for
different learning styles and in seven live locations.

For those interested in pursuing this non-traditional
career path, a link to the Practicing Law Institute
is provided.

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Traveling Notes
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Humble apologies.

Two reasons.  This blogger has been away for a while
and recently returned.  Please accept my thanks, readers,
for coming back to the site for information and offering
Second reason:  Inadvertently, several posts were
deleted in the process of reviewing comments.  Hopefully,
we can recover the major concepts for the readership.

A week ago this post contained three major reminders.
Whenever we travel, whether to an interview, to a
meeting, on our jobs, or on holiday all sorts of things
happen.  Some of the things that happen can be
anticipated and we know exactly what to do.  Then,
on the other hand…

1.  Have critical back-up plans ready and have the
necessary resources on hand (or in hand).  We traveled
to South America for a wonderful vacation.  We had
arranged for a driver to have a sign with our name in
hand, ready to take us to our hotel, where informal
plans were set for our first day.

After passing through customs with more than the usual
number of bags, we found no driver.  We did have
enough foreign cash to request a ‘radio taxi’ and did
know how to obtain the taxi (there are many reported
problems of rip-offs) and our address where we were
to go.  

Problem averted!

We reported the mis-communication to our agent
and were satisfactorily compensated.  This is an
important detail, let no important things go unreported. 

2.  Insist that the place where you stay have all
the essentials for travelers.
Our third destination was a wonderful location in
Andes with mountains and wonderful Calafate
berry bushes along the road.  When we arrived at
the inn, we found it had no soap, shampoo, or
hair dryer.  Light bulbs were missing.  Worst of
all no internet.  We immediately warned the
management of the missing items.  Despite protests,
we reported these and immediately developed a
back-up plan for our stay in the location.
There are basic needs which you will observe in
all hotels and should expect.

3.  Wherever you go in a location, have good stories
to tell cab drivers, other visitors, local residents,
shopkeepers, and other people you meet.
So often we find ’sour people’ who exclaim
seemingly endlessly the problems and
discomforts they experienced. 

We treat them like the “plague.”

We rather find great stories to tell, of the wonderful
weaver shopkeeper in Iguazu, of the delightful
vanilla ice cream, of the great experience taking
private lessons in a teacher’s home.  It is more
than welcome…

We relate these as things for simple consideration.
While I am pleased to be blogging again, it was
a superb and memorable new years for us and
we extend our warm greetings to all readers.

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