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October 2008
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Being a Consultant. Networking, Resumes
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These are challenging economic times for all.  In
the best of places there are slow-downs of projects;
the places that are ‘on the ropes’ will not last or
will cut back severely to limited operations.
In the middle are places that are most uncertain.
There will be lots of meetings, lots of wishful
optimistic statements (they don’t want their best
people leaving), and the assignment of no
promotions, hiring freezes, combining jobs
to the economic conditions.

Those who are consultants suffer all of these
all at once.  So for them there is a higher
level need for networks and being able to
catch information from insider blogs.

Information, valuable insight into what is happening
inside a company, is not enough, once a contract
is negotiated have proper legal counsel to protect
your position. 

Curiously, it should be standard that professionals’
networks include top flight legal representatives.
Rarely does one obtain solid personalized legal
counsel from a blog or a generalized talk.

When we are talking about members of one’s
network have your major competitors in
your network.  First, you can learn the most
from your competitors.  It is not unusual to
share what did not work and what worked
in situations.  Second, referrals, job leads
and not-available-contracts (situations where
you may want to take a vacation and not
available for work) can come from your
competitors.  Third, while trust is important
it is not inconceivable that competitors will
share their negotiated compensation
arrangements (how much they are paid for
specified contracts, how long it takes and.
who they successfully and unsuccessfully
work with).  Don’t forget to share with
you competitor the other or new things
you can do.

There is one area that consultants, especially
experienced ones, have a unique perspective.
What constitutes their public relations
documents?  Resume, portfolio of projects,
web-page, on-line web presence or article
availability are some representations. 
Having a presence in LinkedIn and the ACS
will also be essential.  Career Hub also has
some discussion.

The down times in an economic slowdown
might be a good time to network and update
those PR docs.

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