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March 2008
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Interviewing. The night before
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60 minutes had an insightful segment tonight
on the importance of sleep.

It revealed the importance of a good night’s
rest for how it impacts people’s judgment and
performance doing important things.  

I bring this into the discussion with regard to
interviewing how we might prepare to
do well in interviews.

Tomorrow, for example, I am expecting to
do an interview, which will be followed by
several days of performances, like interviews.
For my planning

1. Know where you’re going

While travel (flight, etc.) and hotel room
will likely be arranged for you 
You can change things, but show discretion.

For example, I learned that a place that
was scheduled for me had dogs that
disturbed previous lodgers sleeping
in a recent stay.  I elected to select a
chain hotel with a better researchable

Figure out how to get from the airport
to the hotel ahead of time. Call
hotel and ask about transportation
options.  Do some research ahead of
time about things like shuttle service.

2. Get some sleep

Call the hotel ahead
of time and ask
for the complimentary turndown service.
Get a cup of
hot tea (decaf), and get a
good night’s rest.

Upon arrival, check the room out for
dark environment, a comfortable
temperature, all the expected
sanitary cleansing, and whatever things
will help you prepare for upcoming events
like workout, nap, relaxation.

Consider bringing a night light to limit
light exposure if you need to awaken.

3. Set the alarm — have a backup

not oversleep. Set the alarm in
the room, and bring a battery-operated

alarm in case the power goes out.
Ask the front desk for a wake-up

Do everything to ensure you are not
late or rushed.  

Have the cell or contact telephone
number in advance.  Plan to greet the
receptionist no more than 15 minutes
before the planned time.  This reminds
me to agree in advance with your host
the time of your first and last meetings.

However, situations can overtake us.
Be prepared to call if you are unable to
meet a planned appointment.

Recently, I traveled for most of the day
to reach an appointment.  When we
learned when our estimated time of
arrival was, yet before our expected
time, I phoned two key contacts.

When I arrived, I did not go directly to
the meeting, I refreshed myself and got
cleaned up.  The meeting commenced
nicely despite the delay.

4. Carry cash, Pack wisely

Make sure you have some cash on hand
for taxis. Kristi Kecks recommends
taking $150, including single bills for

Obtain receipts for all expenses.
They will be necessary for applying for
reimbursement and tax records.

Recognize the limits of carry-on sizes.
I find if I carry my laptop and will be
more than two days, I plan to check
bags with a plan what to do if bags
are lost or there is a flight delay with
hotel stay.

Consider double bagging everything
that is liquid and could spill.

Have a plan for hand-outs, equipment
and notes.

5. Pack a snack

Pack a light snack.  I bring modest candies
that help refesh and provide small nourishment.

When you do get hungry, don’t raid the
hotel’s minifridge.

6. Be prepared

Remember to be courteous and professional.

I recall a trip back from Madison WI through
a snowstorm in Chicago.  Needless to say, I was
one of hundreds staying an extra night away
from home.  Understand the pressure, stress
and uncertainty the airlines staff is going through.
Pay them compliments when they stand down
offensive customers.  They look forward to
serve those who look at the problem from
their point of view and are professional.

“So pack your bags (don’t forget both shoes),
be confident and enjoy
this opportunity

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