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February 2008
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Networking. It really works
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Two real life stories about working with people
to further their goals via networks are worth

SITUATION 1:  Graduate student, SL, near finished,
                        wishes to return to her homeland,
                        Argentina, to work for a company
                        (1)with whom should she post doc
                        (2)with whom can she network with
                        now for that position in the future

NETWORK   Through other activities my network
                       includes several esteemed members
                       of the Argentine Chemical Society.
                       I sent a three-person email to
                       Prof. L. Galavgosky and SL to
                       introduce her.  I indicated that we
                       met at a resume review session
                       in Pittsburgh.

In addition to this follow-up activity, SL and I chatted
about the importance of considering a post-doc
to make strong connections in the US, while at the
same time learning both from Argentina and from
the US what companies would make her happy
to work at.  [Specifics left out.]

                      Within a week, SL had critically
                      reviewed two Spanish manuscripts
                      and made a very positive impression
                      on a strong contact at the University
                      of Buenos Aires.  It wasn’t bad for
                      me either!

SITUATION 2 Through a contact at NIH, I
                       learned of a biologist who sought
                       an industrial position in the Boston
                       area.  Fine graduate work and
                       publications in molecular

Although not directly related to the field,
networking help MC land an interview Friday.
Here is a glimpse of email exchanges…

*   Hi MC, [from company contact]

“Actually, the job listing is under
Immunology, since
our neurodegeneration program focuses on
autoimmune diseases.

I’m happy to talk on the phone, in fact I have time
this afternoon if
that’s convenient. …   I’d not
take the job descriptions too seriously though,
are often describing the ideal candidate
who doesn’t really exist….But I highly
encourage you to find your network and use it

extensively.  Its really the only way.  For
example, the job I have now was
never listed,
and didn’t exist until my CV ended up on the
Director of Biology’s


[Note this clarified the situation for MC. 
This is the kind of role he seeks.]

*response* Hello
BE,  [from MC]

I know it
has been a few weeks, but I just
wanted to let you know that I will be visiting

[left out] on Friday for a round of interviews
for the Research Scientist II
position you
submitted on my behalf.  I really appreciate
your help even if it
was just a matter of a
web submission of my resume.

And, who knows, if things go well for
me, it might give you a little financial
boost, too!

 …Again, thanks for your advice and help. 

Wish me

- MC  

“Guess networking does work!  You can use this
as an example …

Note about SITUATION 2:
Network:  NIH contact–> Dan–> Co. contact BE
             resume submitted 2 ways <–  MC
    BE, directly to hiring supervisor, and via internet

Little does MC know, BE brought the resume to
the hiring supervisor.  Might have made all the

Knowing BE, she did not do it for the financial boost.
She did it because it is the professional thing to do,
for the company’s success!

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