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November 2007
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Overcoming Unemployment Blues
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So, as you might recall, my last day of
work was nearly four months ago.  My
state provides some re-employment
which I am learning from.  In
a previous note, in fact, I reported about
improvements in my functional skills
.  While it has not help me obtain
a position, it was a good learning

While I am searching, my habit is to try
to organize to get several identified tasks
done, if I am close to or able to get a second
item done while I am doing a primary task
I choose to do it.  So schedule to accomplish
tasks in managed bunches
It is a general philosophy that perhaps many

So, a recent consultee PW mentioned to
me that he was going to a different “assistance”
office and had completed an online course
on Microsoft “Project”.  We talked and he
indicated that it was available to all people
enrolled in his “assistance” office.  Interesting,
so I inquired about it in the “assistance” office
where I am enrolled.  It is not offered nor
available at the current time.  Hmm, there
could be interesting things to learn.  Can I
use PW’s “assistance” office.  Sure can,
just show my card.

So I did.  I picked out 10 online courses of
interest and reviewed 5 within an hour…
Sarbannes-Oxley, Retirement Planning,
Design for six sigma (I am a BBM), negotiation
and interviewing skills.  The Interviewing
and Negotiating contained some interesting
tidbits that are covered in comments to this
blog entry.

However, the main reason for the trip was
not the ”assistance” office, but to visit with
PW.  PW mentioned in our exchanges that
if I visited his office let him know.  He wanted
to meet.  That meant to me that he needed
a visit.  We had coffee and this is where
real substantive exchanges happened.  These
are things you can’t pick up in phone and
Internet exchanges

There were real confidence, bitterness to
previous employers
and story telling
weaknesses that will hinder PW in most of
his job seeking.  They “screamed out to me!”

[Now, in the following, I am going to oversimplfy
and lay out bottom lines rather than elaborate
on the full context and conversation.]

CONFIDENCE.  Speak while looking the
conversation partner in the eye.  Don’t
apologize for all the has happened or gone
wrong,  Be ready to lead or follow in conversation
with good stories that speak to “moving
forward” after being “right-sized”. 

Let’s go through this analytically.  It is bad
if, after 6 years, you can’t have 2-3 good,
promising, productive or funny situation - good
outcome stories to tell about a company, its
customers or fellow workers.  Don’t make
anything up.

He was ”let gol”.  What is an honest description
of this?  He was “right-sized, in a totally business
decision.”  He had the skills, performed well
but had too high a salary for the tasks he
did.  While it was not pleasant, he was asked
to leave.   Many people find themselves in
this situation of little or no doing of their
own.  Accept it and move on.

Don’t harbor these feelings for long, they
burn at your heart, steal your energy and
degrade your attitude.  Move on.

STORYTELLING.  You can’t realize how
reflective of a personality our stories reveal
of us!  Whille we might just talk about a
situation in our family, if it is done
thoughtfully, it can tell bundles about your
personality.  So, I told him about how a
sour situation was turned positive by
quick thinking in an emergency.  Other
stories were exchanged about what he
liked and intriguing riddles solved.

All stories were about 1-2 minutes, but
they have a way of livening the conversation.

Even our walk to the coffee shop revealed
something.  He knew nearly where it was,
but not exactly.  So,  without hesitation,
went into a chocolateer and asked the
young owner, “where was Starbucks?”
“Two stores down,” was the response.
“Thank you.  I will be back after we are
done,” I replied as I closed the door…