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October 2007
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Mature workers interview. Bridge to retirement
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One of the questions mature applicants
can receive duing the interview process
is “do you see this role as just a
bridge to retirement”?  Where you will
be just marking time and not working

This is a tough question that we should
all be prepared for and organized to
respond to.

While it makes sense to downshift,
allow younger workers assume
greater levels of authority, the business
savvy, decision making expertise
and ability to work through difficulties
that mature workers have mastered
is hard to find without experience.

There are many situations where mature
workers are worth every penny.  However,
how do you respond to the question?

Let me propose that in reality we are
all looking for positions that will make
each of us happy with “what, with whom
and for whom we are working.”
We receive personal fulfillment.  So,
an exercise would be to characterize
your values based on how the position
matches your fulfillment values.  These
values could be

match your strengths
permit you to learn and develop new
provide challenges that you love to tackle
gives you chances to be creative
allows self-expression
give back to the field or organization
required income for things needed
matches your passions
is affiliated with desired organization
provides benefits for your family
provides you choice to do things

Consider classifying what the position
sought provides for you in terms of
matching your high rated values.
Let me know if there are other items
that should be on this list.

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Resume Red Flags
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When reviewing resumes the following
list of items provide “red-flags” for
holding up someone’s consideration
for a position.

1) academic credentials - For technical
fields it is best to match the field of
expertise being sought.  However,
experience often trumps training.  So,
highlight specific experience in the
highlights section of a resume that
matches desired expertise.

2) gaps in employment - So it is
imperative to have a continuous
career learning plan for yourself. 
If you are not fully employed seek
out learning, volunteering and
part-time experiences.  These can
productively fill the resume gap.

3) short-term employment W/O cause -
Define project based work and point
out completion or accomplishments.
This points out the underscored
advice to work hard to leave only on
the basis as friends with only good
words to say about your performance
and you about the organization.

4) long term employment without

5) organizing your resume as strictly
functional or skills based.  It is more
acceptable to reviewers to create
chrono-functional resumes which
reveal work history and titles.

I would be very interested in any
other “red-flag” issues that can come
up in resumes.  Please send them.

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