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October 2007
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Mentoring 5. “Right brain profiling”
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Marci Alboher wrote about an approach
featured by Michael Melcher in his blog
(October 2, 2007) and book for finding
out what direction you might want your
career to proceed.

It involves “creating and evaluating a
Right-Brain File…”  “This is a way to collect
data that you aren’t ready to process. It
is based on the premise that applying your
analytical skills, alone, won’t get you the
life you want.”

The two authors present different strategies
for conducting your Right-Brain File. 
Melcher, the book author, suggests creating
a file and collect anything that tickles your
fancy into it. It could be an article, a photo,
a travel brochure, an email, an overheard
snatch of dialogue.

His “Right-Brain File consists mainly of articles,
but that’s just [him] me.” What you “put into your
Right-Brain File

  - might excite you, 
  - might intrigue you,
  - might make you boil with envy,
  - might just make you say, “huh.” “

“Later, once your file has grown, take a
look at what you’ve collected. What do
you see? Any patterns, inspirations,
insights?  What you have is a record of
what your right brain—the intuitive,
associative, non-logical part of you—has
noticed. It’s been noticing things, even
if you haven’t been able to put words
around it. Indeed, sometimes avoiding
putting words around your impulses is
one of the best ways to let them

Marci Alboher suggests learning from
people who know you and are in
different parts of your life.  To set up
the interviews, create a short
questionnaire (six to eight questions)
with questions like:

* What are three things I do really well?
* What are three things I don’t do so well?
* Based on what you know about me,
what job or experience have I liked the
best in the past?
* Based on what you know about me,
what job or experience have I liked the
* What are three things you can
imagine me doing?
* What’s something you can’t really
imagine me doing?
* How do I get in my own way?”

Now, I have collected a lifetime of
interesting articles but have never
thought to review them.  Maybe there
is something there?

The two blogs are interesting to view.

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