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August 2007
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Mock Interview Session
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Let me introduce this by saying that R and
I have been talking and emailing back and
forth for a month.  In this I encouraged him
to attend the Boston meeting, even as an
unemployed chemist (free.).

At the Boston meeting on the first day,
R was kind enough to come to the first Mock
interview workshop session.  He very
professionally came in before the session
and introduced himself to me.

Then, when we needed a volunteer
interviewee, I pressed him into service.
Now, mind you, I asked him to visit me
at the meeting and be ‘mock’ interviewed. 
He declined saying he was not quite ready.

Alas, ‘the planets were aligned and it

We conducted a plain-and-simple one- 
on-one interview that could have been a
script in a movie about how to interview.
All the things we had conversed and
emailed about were delivered with
great enthusiasm.  So, when the audience
was asked to comment, one of the most
experienced consultants offered that he
could not believe his eyes and ears 
during the interview.  Everything was
near perfect. 

The interesting comment R offered, after
the session, was that he really needed that
simple practice for his confidence.  He
had interviews scheduled and it was like
the “basketball shoot-around” before the
game or the “batting practice before the
first pitch” or the “stretching before running
a distance race.”  Think about doing this
before you attend screening interviews.


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Thank you notes
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Today was the fourth day of the ACS
meeting.  It was quite successful for
several reasons– the number of companies
interviewing for candidates was well over
100.  There was only one person with
whom I spoke who came and did not get
invited to an interview– he came Tuesday…

At the beginning of a workshop session, S
introduced herself to me.  She and I have
been working together for a couple of
months.  She admitted to me she was very
happy to have been interviewed by Merck.

She felt she could have done better. 

So our conversation went on, as we knew
one another a little.  By that I mean, I learned
that she was thinking about some other things
and was hesitant to ask.  I presented her
the opportunity after the session. 

S mentioned that she did not respond to
a question as well as she could have.  So,
I suggested has she planned to send a
thank you letter to Merck…She should.

Most candidates don’t.  A small per cent
do and it stands out.  Consider, the suggestion
went responding to the question the way
you would to well in the thank you letter.

It will make an impression about how serious
you are and tell them that you are very
interested in working with a strong firm
whose products help people so much.

So, instead of leaving the meeting with an
“I know what I will do the next time” attitude
she left with “I know what I will do next and
turn the less than perfect situation around in
a professional way.

Good luck with this S.

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