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August 2007
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Position Searching. Moving out of one’s Comfort Zone
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Two recent consultees have contacted me
after beginning their searches with limited
progress, either because one was in a
“remote location” or the other “had no major
chemical companies in the desired area.”

One area was Tennessee, the other,
Mississippi.  Each sought a single answer
to writing a resume that could be sent out
to many companies that would win interviews.

It simply does not work that way, for us
‘mere mortals’ anyway.

One has to develop a strategy based on
understanding what each wants to do with
a passion and what location and salary
requirements they may have.

Once these understanding requirements
are defined and written out as primary,
then a second, forward-step can be made.

->What are the leading places for developing
contacts to learn about suitable openings?

Tennessee has some formidable organzizations
at Eastman, Oak Ridge and other places.
This is in addition to the person’s network,
chamber of commerce and university
incubators.  Mississippi has a similar set
certainly around the Huntsville area.  There
are also targeted recruiters that can be helpful.
It requires stepping outside of “one’s comfort
zone” to define your top company targets.

Several specific items and attributes will
be helpful.  They are:

-  Before sending public relations documents
do some serious research on the company
or organization.  Use what you learn in
information interviews, discussions and
reading in the cover letter to show your
effort and enthusiasm.

-  Display a serious, focused positive attitude
that indicates high energy in each step.  The
way you look for a job is the way you will
perform the job

-  When you do submit your targeted resume,
cover letter and other information, to a person
supply as much information (and references
to support your information) to validate your
experience and background.

-  If you have citizenship issues, or have been
out of work for a while, or are from a different
field, prepare your reasoned responses and
test them out with mentors.  Get feedback and

-  Before going on even screening interviews,
practice doing mock interviews and identify
your responses to the typical interview questions.
Then do refined research on the company,
people, the position, the business status and
the goals.

Treat everyone you meet with respect in every
interaction.  Plan to send thank you’s, collect
addresses from each interview, make commitments,
meet them and expect others to do the same.

-  Plan to ask the questions you need answered
so that you will be certain that the position is the
right one for you.


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