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July 2007
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Networking 6. New Face
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Networking ideas surfaced in Liz
Ryan’s article, ‘Network your way
to a second career

1.  let people know.
2.  update your profile
3.  use a targeted search feature [LinkedIn]
4.  indicate it is a two way street, win-win
5.  seek out targeted groups, societies,
associations, communities in your target field(s)

“The great thing about a second [or third]
career is that when people refer you and
make introductions, they’re not doing so
because of your credibility in your new
profession.  You don’t have any of that. 
What you do have is personal credibility
and a track record of success in other
environments.  You have your integrity 
and your winning personality.  Those
assets, plus the network you bring to
your second career planning and the
network you bring along the way, will
take you far.”


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Resume Comments
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Don’t miss the latest Career Couch
rticle on resume writing, what resume

submitters should do and what

resume reviewers face. 


‘factoids’ and three suggestions
are highlighted from P. Korkki’s
article, “So easy to apply, so hard
for me to be noticed
,” [Google the
author and ‘career couch’ if link does

not function]

-  Internet ‘black hole’

With the rise of online company job
sites, along with job boards, it is
easier than ever to apply
for a job. It is much harder for a
resume to be noticed.

-  ‘…average Fortune 500 company
receives nearly 2,000 resumes’/day.

-  ‘…job seeker has …five seconds of
the recruiter’s eye to make a case
to be hired.’

And maybe not even that.  Many
companies now use word-scanning

technology to help them winnow
out unqualified candidates.
  If a
resume does not include certain key

words, it lands in the trash.

  Resume must make it through
automated scanner technology.  Resumes
must be “keyword rich”…  Make sure
your resume contains many of the

same nouns and verbs that are

listed in the ad or website.

  Pay attention to how your resume
looks on the screen.  Send it to several

colleagues to see how it reads to them.
Be judicious about bold-face fonts for
emphasis and white space for readability.
Avoid underlining and italics…

-  Switch from an objective to a
summary or qualifications at the

top.  The summary emphasizes

the skills that the applicant offers.

Don’t forget about networking.

Q.  In order to land an interview, is
it ever enough to just send a resume?

A.  Almost never.  “your job is not done
after you click ‘send.’  You must also
find some sort of inside contact.

Good read.

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