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June 2007
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Networking 5. LinkedIn Again
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Recently, I was asked to connect with Andy Gilicinski
through LinkedIn.  Andy and I were executive committee
members in the Electrochemical Society together.

We exchanged a little bit about what we are currently
involved with and then shared how we were benefiting
with LinkedIn.

Andy gave me permission to share how he uses
social networking as an R&D professional.  Andy found that
he has been able to make connections to a particular
business, capability or person.  The connections provide
useful “inside” knowledge (positive meaning of the word
inside) that enables him to identify good opportunities
and also how to intelligently approach it.

He provided a specific example where he was interested
in the concept of word of mouth advertising.  Not only was
he able to find a connection to a friend who specializes in
it he also was able to conduct a teleconference and
receive a presentation on the topic within a week.

Andy thinks this is an ideal tool to explore many things
related to developing your career, or learning helpful
things about switching careers…
Pretty neat.

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Virtual Interviewing
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Two recent articles point to certain firms beginning
to do “virtual interviewing with AVATAR.”
in the Washington Post where it substituted for telephone

More information was givne in the WSJ article by Anjoli
  Some employers are experimenting
with Second Life
, the online virtual community
owned by San Francisco-based Linden Lab,
to screen prospective hires. The program
allows job seekers to create a computer-generated
image to represent themselves — known as an “avatar” —
and communicate with executives of prospective
employers as though they were instant-messaging.

A number of big companies put the new medium to a
test last month, when recruitment-advertising firm
TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications
LLC hosted a virtual job fair with employers such
as Hewlett-Packard Co., Microsoft Corp., Verizon
Communications Inc. and Sodexho Alliance SA, a
food and facilities-management services company.
TMP says it will host another virtual job fair in August.

The use of Second Life for recruiting marks yet
another way that employers are incorporating
popular Web sites into their talent searches.
Employers have already set up pages for prospective
hires on Facebook, the popular social-networking site,
and have posted recruitment videos on Google Inc.’s
YouTube, the videosharing site. Some companies
troll for prospective job candidates on News Corp.’s
MySpace social-networking site.”

The trend is growing.



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