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June 2006
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Salary Question Application
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Dear Dan,

Today I received the official invitation for the site visit to Dow.  I also communicated with one of the employees whom I met couple of weeks back at school.  He said there would be 5-6 separate one-on-one interviews and that I might be asked behavioral questions apart from technical ones.

Also, I have to give a 45 minute presentation about my Ph. D. research.  I will have to submit the title and abstract about a week before the interview.

The have also asked me about the salary expectations in terms of $/month.  Should I keep it blank or put a number?
Thanks and regards,


PR Documents: Cover Letter
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Dear Dan,

I have an interesting job posting that I wish to respond to indicating my interest.  Is there a specific form for a cover letter?  What should I indicate in the letter that will distinguish my submission from others?


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Starting out a Job Search
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Dear Dan,

I am in my third year of post doc and have fixed my permanent residency status that many industrial employers require.  I seek employment in industry.  Because of my zero industrial experience, I would like to know how I could improve my Experience section since my employemnt history has been exclusively confined to academia/basic research.




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Welcome and Introduction
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Greetings to all chemically related professionals!

Welcome to the Northeastern Section ACS NESACS blog on careers and career management!

It has been my pleasure to volunteer to the ACS career consultants program over the last several years.? These conversations and emails have provided much valuable information one-on-one.  Much of it could be useful to a wider audience.? that is the motivation for this blog.  

In addition, I seek to benefit and have other members benefit from your questions and collective wisdom on various career and profession topics, including finding positions, interviewing, various public relations documents (resumes, CVs, etc.), negotiating, personal goal-setting, and others that you will define.

We may not find the perfect answers for all your questions and issues.  We will try to offer a range of opinions and suggestions, tapping into various resources.  We are open to your suggestions and seek out your help and suggestions to make this work for many members.

While I am still working, my employer has allowed me to pursue this as part of my professional development.  I will plan to review this blog regularly and submit and respond to queries three to four times a week.  
However, I need your participation and help to make this successful.  I am new at blogging and ask for your patience as we begin this process.  Please send ideas and suggestions to my gmail account:
Thank you.

“Take the attitude of a student.  Never be too big to ask questions.  Never act like you know too much to learn something new.”

-Miz Dot


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